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Pernilla Glaser is a writer, teacher and facilitator of change and method development . She is currently Creative Research Force at Interactive Institute working with design-research focusing on interdisciplinary learning-environments and digitalization. 

She is the coach for the Department of change at the municipality of Nacka. She is curating processes for change and dialogue in various companies and institutions. 

”I felt empowered as a speaker.”

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Pernilla is also teacher in critical thinking, writing and storytelling at University College of Arts, Craft and Design. She is regularly curating and moderating several conferences on learning, city-development and art such as third year running.

She is developing Kalejdoskop Toolbox, a support system for inclusive heritage for the Swedish county government and Swedish National Heritage Board.


Pernilla has taught inter-diciplinarity and storytelling at the Royal Institute of Art architecture-department, Goldsmith University, Beckmans school of Design, University of Gothenburg Academy of Arts and Craft.

Pernilla also gives lectures and workshops in storytelling, innovation, inclusiveness and creative group-processes, working with various companies and institutions. 

Pernilla lives in the Stockholm archipelago.

Past Pernilla Glaser was born in Stockholm in 1972.
Theatre Pernilla started the theatre-group Cirkus Tigerbrand in 19889 where she wrote and directed theatre mainly for a teen-age audience. She also worked with children and drama in schools. Pernilla moved on to direct theatre for children and adults at different theatres in Sweden. She trained in several workshops for Enrique Pardo of The Roy Hart Theatre. In 1996 she was invited to teach improvisation at the School of Dramatic Art in Salvador Brazil, where she also worked with theatre with teenagers in the fawela. She taught storylling at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 1997. In 1998 Pernilla received the Prix D´Assitej for her groundbreaking childrens-theatre. Pernilla continued to direct theatre in Sweden and Finland. Her production of Alice in Wonderland, X-rated at Viirus theatre company Helsinki in 2007 being the latest. Pernilla has written numerous plays. In February 2013 her first full-length radio-play opened at the Swedish Radio Theatre. ”Department-store The War” was an absurd and critical portrait of the Swedish weapon-industry.
Literature Pernilla Glaser have written the following novels published at Swedens biggest publishing house, Albert Bonnier. ”Robson” 1998 (translated into several languages) ”In the night” 2004 ”My true self” 2008 ”40 minus” 2010   For young people; ”Party for a princess” 2006 ”Under the sidewalk” 2011 (published at Bonnier Carlsen). This book was created through a collaboration with the readers on a blogg where they could vote on how they wanted the story to move along.   Pernilla Glaser has been a regular contributor to the biggest news-papers in Sweden such as Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet and has taken part in numerous anthologies.   In 2010 she started the magazine ”Stad” as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions on urbanity. ”Stad” is a free magazine and it is distributed by art-institutions and libraries in Stockholm.
Publishing Between 2002 and 2006 Pernilla was head of publishers at Bonnier Carlsen, working with books for children and young people. She was the editor of the book  ”Access to Resources” that will be published by The Royal Institute of Art in 2014.
Radio Pernilla Glaser is a regular contributor to the swedish radio with the chronicle ”Thoughts for the day”.
Art Pernilla initiated and curated ”The furry city” at the Stockholm Architectural Museum in 2010. ”The furry city” was an exhibition about the interaction between experienced space and actual infrastructure. It was also a pedagogic programme with workshops in how to visualise ideas and experiences of the urban life. Pernilla was invited to give workshops and talk about ”The furry city” at The World Exhibition in Shanghai 2010 and to work with Chinese children around urbanity.   Transition Odenplan, interactive art-experience and guided city-tour 2011.
Project Managing Pernilla Glaser initiated the exhibition ”The Night-pear”, a collaboration between The Swedish Exhibition Agency and the leading publishing-houses for children’s books. ”The Night-pear” was an interactive exhibition about storytelling for children touring Sweden and targeting areas with language challenges. A planned one year turned into three and the exhibition then got a permanent home at the Gothenburg City Museum. Apart from initiating the project Pernilla also educated the pedagogues working in the exhibition. 2006   Pernilla was the coordinator for the Stockholm City Library project ”The long tail” creating programs to inspire and facilitate accessibility to the vast book-collections . 2009   Pernilla arranged a Stockholm Bookslam at the Stockholm Cultural Festival in 2010, mixing writers, talks and open workshops.   In 2010 Pernilla Glaser became the coordinator for the Plattan library at the Stockholm Cultural House. Together with a team of five librarians she created a unique library with a playful and very personal collection and an emphasis on eye-level inspiration and exchange with the visitors. Together with her team she received the Stockholm Renewal Award in 2011 for their innovative work. Pernilla conducted two research projects within the library. The first was a cooperation with the British Council in Stockholm and the purpose was to develop what a literature-event could be, by staging literature-events in unexpected places. The project also involved a study-trip to London and a collaboration with Bookslam UK resulting in a unique event at the Stockholm Cultural House mixing British and Swedish writers. Pernilla also conducted a research-project called ”Welcome to the words” in collaboration with Stockholm University library and with the support of the Royal Library, investigating how to engage visitors in new ways to use their library.
Teaching and process-leading   Pernilla Glaser has been a teacher in drama working with children and teenagers in schools all over Sweden, on and off,  for the last twenty years.   In 2006 Pernilla taught creative writing at the Fryshuset high school writing-profile. She has been a guest teacher in many primary schools working with storytelling and creative writing. Pernilla has worked with teacher-training and  workshops in storytelling and creativity with for example muesum-guides at the National Museum(2011) and pedagogues at the Childrens Room at the Stockholm Cultural House. (2009) She conducted a series of workshops in storytelling and creative collaboration with the pedagogues at the Technical Museum of Stockholm in 2009   In 2012 and 2013 Pernilla has taught inter-diciplinarity and storytelling at the Royal Institute of Art architecture-department, Goldsmith University, Beckmans school of Design and University College of Arts, Craft and Design.   She has worked as a coach and method-developer at the Stockholm University of the Arts   Pernilla Glaser has been a process-leader giving workshops in collaborative processes at the Stockholm City Museum, Bonnier Carlsen publishing and various others.   Pernilla Glaser works with collaborative processes and collaborative systems for the region of Dalarna.   Pernilla lectures regularly about creativity, art and participation. Pernilla is a frequent moderator of talks and debates.  
Politics Pernilla has been in several political idea-groups, for example for the Swedish Council for children rights. She was on the board of the Swedish Arts Council between 1995-1999
and Pernilla Glaser was the recipient of the Sigtuna writers scholarship in 2013 allowing her to stay at Sigtuna and finish her new novel.